One of the Most Amazing and Inspirational Women I Know

Today, I have the privilege of being able to share with you, my readers, part one of a two-part blog written by one of the most amazing, encouraging and inspirational women I know, Athena Moberg.  Though we do not have the same blood running through our veins, I call her mia sorrella (my sister in Italian).  We have known each other for almost 18 years and when my brother, Pete completed his suicide, she was there for me texting, emailing and lots of phone calls, just letting me rant or cry and then she would pick up the pieces and put me back together again, for that day…lol.  She is one of a few people who I need in my life, as much as I need water and breath.  I love her so much and I am so proud of everything she has accomplished since that day we were feeding ducks at a pond and she told me she was moving to Maui. She still has been an inspiration to many women, especially me.

Here is her bio from the website:

Athena went from being a full-time working single mom to coaching over a dozen local businesses & families in just over a year. As a professionally trained business & success coach who was a solo parent for 17 years, Athena now mentors and encourages women by giving them the practical tools necessary for healthy communication and work-life balance, all from a biblical perspective. Today {thanks to social media} Athena speaks to an International audience. Technology has afforded her the opportunity to spend more time with her husband & loved ones while reaching out to women who truly desire to rise above their circumstances and finally reach their goals. Athena focuses on those not-often-talked-about challenges in life.

So now, pull up a chair and enjoy part one.  Just click on this link and enjoy.  One of the Most Amazing and Inspirational Women I Know


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